Gaga: Five Foot Two

I have never been one for fads, always flocking to the reliable, steady, and classic with friends, fashion, and fandoms. I have seen my idols through breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs and all of these have only made those in the public eye more raw, more relatable, and more real. "[...] Five Foot Two" shows Gaga... Continue Reading →


Giving Back How-To: Wisely and Consciously

Hey loves, Recently I have been encouraged to share the causes that are important to me on my blog. As someone who's a young adult cancer survivor, a recovering mental health advocate and a concerned environmental enthusiast there were a number of initiatives that came to mind. In this post you'll find ways you can... Continue Reading →

10 Commandments for my 28th birthday

August 12th is my birthday and my 10 Commandments for my 27th Year (should read 27th birthday) got an overwhelming response so I thought I'd bring the format back and do a year check-in. Here are some (10) things I'm reminding myself of as I barrel into my 29th year. 1. Don't wait: Remember where I left it off... Continue Reading →

Sex and the City, Interrupted

Ten years ago, after it had already stopped airing, I jam-packed the entire series of Sex and the City into one week, and now, a decade later, I am revisiting the show. It's a classic, but in reviews of today people are quick to point out the things that have gone out-dated. I have a... Continue Reading →

Aftermath: Chester Bennington Suicide

Disclosure: Sensitive content about suicide, read at your own discretion. I may not have anything smart to say about suicide, as awful a thing as it can be, the tributes coming in too late, as if only if that outpour of support and love was there before, maybe, just maybe, something would have gone different. I... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award 2017 & Nominations

Hey there readers. After connecting with some blogging networks online I came across viral blogging awards and as per my Liebster Blogging Award, I have also been nominated for the Sunshine Blogging Award. Thank you to Nikki's Talk for the nomination, an Indian lifestyle blogger and total sweetheart. I will nominate 5 other bloggers at the... Continue Reading →

Woman Empowering Women: Ke$ha & Praying

Disclosure: Sensitive content about abuse. Read at your own discretion. Ke$ha is back with a power ballad, trail blazing and name-taking. Her released video was all over social media in the evening EST yesterday, and I heard it for the first time while tucking into bed. I knew immediately I wanted to write about it. There... Continue Reading →

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