Motherless Daughters

From the diary... April 27th, 2018 It crossed my mind today how difficult it must have been for my mother to tell her children that she was going to die soon. And it occurred to me what it must have been like from her perspective to know she wouldn’t get to know her children much... Continue Reading →

An Ode To Plea

I want to capture every meaningful thought I have ever had. I want to immortalize my life in bodies of writing complete with beauty marks and scars and physical defining features that make my life so defiantly mine. I want to contemplate why I haven't yet gotten any tattoos even though my life has had... Continue Reading →

The Introverted Leo

Hey there, loves! I have been thinking a lot about my blog. Going by my three birth-names was a personal way of sharing my story and although it greatly allowed me to identify with my stories and have a personal representation of all that made me, me, I knew I wanted to make a change.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Fight

It's officially the New Year and for the past two years I have rung in midnight at home, alone, in tears. Granted I always get emotional around these kinds of things (you know, countdowns, singing, fireworks) and last year's tears were courtesy of the attack in Istanbul and my fear of the future in an... Continue Reading →


There is a reason I spend New Year's Eve alone. No, it isn't just like any other night. I don't care what you say, New Year's Eve is special. NYE may just be the only global holiday as our calendar is considered throughout all religions, all cultures, and all ages. But back to why I... Continue Reading →

Some Final 2017 Thoughts

Loves, we are right down to it: the last week of twenty-seventeen! This year wasn't a fantastic year politically or environmentally and even for me on a lot of personal levels. Although I managed to accomplish one of my biggest goals this year, I still need to find ways to comfort and console myself when... Continue Reading →

The Quasi-Resolutions

FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I'll admit it: I don't have any resolutions this year. I don't think I've made resolutions since I was a teenager and although I have high hopes for the year ahead and the books I will read and the memories I will make, I am not one to make promises that... Continue Reading →

On Grief and the Holidays

There are two different breeds of grief. The first is acute grief from when you lose someone suddenly in the the life you both knew and mourning the end of a shared journey, and the second is grief that comes with every subsequent day of change, growth and evolution and the slow and unsympathetic realization... Continue Reading →

I Hate Everyone

I literally just can't with some people. Not today. Have you ever had those days where everyone seems to have an opinion? a criticism? a downright disapproval of you? I do think there is some validity in this. If everyone is telling you the dress is blue and black, and you still insist that it's... Continue Reading →

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