Somewhat of a Memoir, FOUR: Toronto

TORONTO is a funny place. People try harder to look more relaxed whereas in Montreal there is a general air of laid-back attitude naturally without putting too much effort in. The second-hand stores in Montreal are legitimately resources for those looking to get rid of old, and stock up on new-to-you clothing whereas in Toronto... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, THREE: Footprints

FOOTPRINTS, whether in sand or snow, are a good way to measure how far we have come. Someone, somewhere, I’m sure, once used these prints to retrace their journey and find their way back to where they were from. Eventually the distance becomes so great that over time waves or wind conceal the path we... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION My ultimate hope in putting this out into the world is that someone will love these words and this fractionned, fraction-of a story in a way that I haven’t quite figured out how to yet. This is by no means an exhaustive account of my thirty years of life and experiences. Some of the... Continue Reading →

Dear Complaint Department

I know what you’re thinking; what does this born middle-class and considerably privileged white girl who has access to proper food, housing, health care and education have to complain about? What do I have to say about social injustices, prejudice, bias, poverty, famine, war, sexism, racism, ageism, any-ism that is worth listening to? I am... Continue Reading →

Moving Out, Moving On

  I haven’t been writing at all because I don’t want to remember this -- any of it. I don’t want to remember the knot in my throat or the pits in my stomach. I don’t want to remember the sleepless nights and very, very difficult mornings. And even though it's just moving, I am... Continue Reading →

Motherless Daughters

From the diary... April 27th, 2018 It crossed my mind today how difficult it must have been for my mother to tell her children that she was going to die soon. And it occurred to me what it must have been like from her perspective to know she wouldn’t get to know her children much... Continue Reading →

An Ode To Plea

I want to capture every meaningful thought I have ever had. I want to immortalize my life in bodies of writing complete with beauty marks and scars and physical defining features that make my life so defiantly mine. I want to contemplate why I haven't yet gotten any tattoos even though my life has had... Continue Reading →

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