Something Really Personal: A Dark Time

The pictures in this post come from a project I started with a mental health worker of mine. After over a year of working together and making progress in my mental health journey I asked if we could amalgamate the time together in a letter and include all the struggles I had overcome, how to... Continue Reading →

BACK WITH A BANG. Or Woman Empowering Women: Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: I am back from a year of auto-posts following a medical procedure for a leukemia relapse. I am thrilled to be back writing new content and will be posting more about the whole year soon. For now I'm writing about something that is super current and relevant to me. I watched Miss Americana on... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, TWELVE: Hope

TWELVE HOPE isn’t the blind faith that everything will work out. It’s the active belief that with positive energy, perseverance, and a dash of chance there will be a positive outcome of any particular thing: an illness, a sports event, a first date, a job interview, etc. Hope without action is absolutely useless. For hope... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, ELEVEN: Grief

ELEVEN GRIEF comes in two phases. There is acute grief which is the sudden shock of someone’s death and your initial reaction following the loss in the short, immediate period after and then there is chronic grief that lingers for a long time and often resurfaces in a cyclical way both shorter-term like yearly anniversaries... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, TEN: Health

TEN HEALTH so much so, more than anything else maybe, dictates how we live our day to day lives. Our physical and psychological status have a huge impact on how we spend our days and what we are able to accomplish. Likewise, our relationships with food, drugs and drinking, and sleep all influence our capacity... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, SEVEN: Suicide

SEVEN SUICIDE is tricky. I don’t condone it but I definitely don’t condemn it either. I will try really hard not to offend anyone here.   This section contains sensitive content. If you or someone you know is considering suicide or self-harm and live in North America please contact the services below: Quebec: 1(866)APPELLE (277-3553)... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, SIX: Travel

SIX TRAVEL is a luxury. I haven’t been to a lot of places across the globe but I have been very fortunate to experience some different areas throughout my relatively young life. It’s absolutely something I want to do more of. My idea of travel is a vacation, and my idea of a vacation is... Continue Reading →

Somewhat of a Memoir, FIVE: Mistakes

MISTAKES are mostly just practice. If something doesn’t work out, try again or try something else entirely. Some of the best things in life are mistakes. I once in an indoor soccer game was going for a goal and hit the crossbar fourteen times. I can’t remember if I ended up actually getting one in... Continue Reading →

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