Insta Archives: December 31st’s Tomorrow

We’ve been living in this scary reality of the pandemic for most of 2020 and I know the vaccines have started but these traumas are going to bleed into 2021 and this health crisis is far from over. A year that is so strongly characterized by the new normal we’ve been living but what will be the token of 2021?

On January 1st it’s a whole new cultural year but also just December 31st’s tomorrow, only a day away. What will be the novel popular elements of next year if we are carrying forward all these traumas? 2020 has been dubbed “The One Where We Were Quarantined” but these measures must stay in place and the hardest months dealing with this pandemic are still ahead of us. It will be a while still before we can close the door on this chapter and truly move forward in a way that doesn’t bring us back to where we were before but beyond what we’ve experienced these last ten months.

Nobody knows what awaits us. So as we transition to 2021 keep in mind these are just a string of days, and we must take them one at a time and welcome the newness and change as it presents itself. Welcome 2021, but don’t lose grip on 2020. We will need it as a community for collective healing. 🌙✨🤍

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