Songs For Celebration And For Sorrow

It started with one song. This one song that followed me everywhere but only in my mind. I don’t know where I originally heard the song, but never after did I hear it again on radio, TV, nowhere.

“If I Die young, bury me in.. roses?”

Is that how it goes? I couldn’t get a grip on the lyrics but I knew the melody of the chorus as well as I knew my own credit card information which I of course know by heart so you know, you don’t have to get out of bed to shop online? Yes? Okay. Moving on.

Here is the song (click here), but be careful! It’s an ear worm.

Nick started getting concerned that I was spending too much time working on my newest project: the “If I Die Young” playlist that is a cathartic way for me to consider death and dying in a melodramatic, theatrical kind of way.

“It’s not good for you,” he scolded. “It’s going to keep making you sad.”

“No!” I defended through tears and congested sinuses.

“Just give it a break for a while.”

I turned my attention elsewhere and let the playlist marinate in my mind a bit. People make playlists for all kinds of reasons. My death is a right of passage and I want experience the full range of emotions that comes with it, including the sad ones.

So when you’re sad and upset and you want something to compliment your melodramatic mood, here is my If I Die Young (click here) playlist.

But what’s the opposite of sad? 🙂 😉

A Celebratory Send-Off! The Band Perry aren’t the only artists that had songs about dying. Immediately happy songs about dying came quickly to my mind on such a rush that I couldn’t get to them fast enough to remember them all.

And fret not! For the times you want to party about all the positives, which you might think: “how could this be positive?” just imagine: I will be remembered as forever young, I will never know a world without you in it, and though not my first or second or even 32nd choice—I’ll be in some damn good company. When that happens, come to Beyond Forever Young (click here), where we celebrate the lives we’ve been given, we toast to the ones who are gone, and we do a little jig in their memory.

When you’re contemplating these things, or approaching the time yourself, know that however you feel; peace or puzzled, so many have been there before and art will help see you through. 😁

All my eternal love,



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