The Next 12 Chapters: Epic Content and Content Marketing

So for the next 12 months you, my darling subscribers, and those that stumble across it will get just as many (12) entries of at least and slightly upwards of 1,500 words each on the first of every month up until and inclusive of December 2019.  Each of the twelve chapters will be released at 8AM on the 1st of every month from January-December of 2019. They will come out the same linear way I wrote them, with each month’s posting leading up to my 30th birthday, and culminating into my 30th New Years’s Eve (Hello, 2020) where I will hopefully already be working on the writing project that comes next.

The idea of releasing my writing project this way comes from Epic Content which I first understood as an essay type format of information with the characteristic of being a longer body of writing. I believe when I first heard of Epic Content it had to be upwards of 1,000 words.

The other concept Content Marketing is giving content away for free on the promise premise (but should be a promise) that the consumer will later come back and pay for the content they were previously receiving for free. I get it, why pay for it when I could get it free somewhere else as so many people are choosing Content Marketing but we gotta make buck somehow, and if you donated what you thought my work was worth that’s already a start.  And as for the question of why would I give this stuff away if ultimately I want to get paid? Well it’s exposure for me to release it for free and I get eyes and clicks and word of mouth. Also it’s on my terms and the contracts I have received have not been the most reasonable in terms of my rights and contributions so I’m blogging my first book at just under 20,000. words

I ask you to be patient reading with me. It’s a lot at the beginning of the month, rent, transit passes, loan payments and all those other miserable first of the month stuffs. Take your time throughout the month to read it and pick a time when you have a good five minutes to devote to it. As far as I am planning now I will not be publishing posts other than these 12 pieces of epic content to give you all time to adjust.

Please let me know your thoughts and progressions and tips and suggestions.

I love you all always, I am SO EXCITED to share this new adventure with my group of readers. Blah Blah Blah, here’s the INTRO to get you pumped:

Check out the next, see you after the jump.


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