My ultimate hope in putting this out into the world is that someone will love these words and this fractionned, fraction-of a story in a way that I haven’t quite figured out how to yet. This is by no means an exhaustive account of my thirty years of life and experiences. Some of the content was inspired and repurposed from my blog which I have gotten reviews from probably over-supportive fans as a “fantastic” blog, “positive and brave and human and honest and relatable.” “Humour mixed in with heartache… it’s really good.” I think that is a fairly objective account of what my readers have gotten from it, though I would never have the gall (read: self-confidence) to say those things about my own work.

I couldn’t find anyone to write a preface to open my book, but please volunteer if you would like to write one. It could be a post-published preface. People do that right? Anyway. Please, please, please send your thoughts and reviews as they come to you

I hope you find something in these widely mostly new content pages, anything really. This is a little bit life experience, what I have learned, and simultaneously my endeavour in knowing that ultimately, I know nothing. It’s a messy story; stained and wrinkled. But in telling it I hope it smoothes itself out a bit, even if it is just a story I’ll tell myself someday.

The first instalment will be released January 1st and the 1st of every subsequent month until December 1st, 2019 inclusively.

Please read the following statement made by the artist who created the image above this post about her method of work. This so much resonated with how my writing took form and I wanted to share it.


Voilà! See you in the new year boos, baes, and beaus.



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