An Ode To Plea

I want to capture every meaningful thought I have ever had. I want to immortalize my life in bodies of writing complete with beauty marks and scars and physical defining features that make my life so defiantly mine.

I want to contemplate why I haven’t yet gotten any tattoos even though my life has had significant meaning to me in lasting and permanent ways that I want to carry with me everywhere, have as a tangible part of me and a visual representation of what I stand for and has marked my soul.

I want to be relatable and vocalize something within peoples’ minds that maybe they hadn’t quite realized in their own minds. I want everyday experiences to be life-changing events and to talk about unique ideas that identify universal feelings. I want to write, and so I do.

I know I haven’t been posting on this blog as much but I am writing more than ever. There is something about putting words to page and sentences to paragraphs that is so… I don’t know. But it’s mine and it’s like leaving a piece of you everywhere you go, but instead you are carrying every piece of wherever you go with you to the future and you will have it in every bit of now you will ever have the grace of living.

I am never done writing. I am never done sharing and I hope to share a lot more with you, and soon.



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