No-Nonsense Motivation: How to Get Stuff Done

This is your no-nonsense motivation guide for getting stuff done. I’ve outlined the five steps to accomplishing any creative project you are thinking of achieving this year. It’s pretty general advice but I also think it is pretty relevant. No major motivation to make you feel bad about yourself, just a little moral support to maybe get you going on your way.

Have a plan:

This doesn’t have to be very detailed. Just a goal and outline of what you want to achieve. A lot of people get motivated by having an end in mind but this can be very frustrating when your project takes more time. As you progress in your goal, be mindful of not only what is left to be done but how much you have achieved already even if that is just a brainstorm or strategy. Everything starts with an idea and developing this can be the biggest step in accomplishing our bigger goals.

Just start:

The beginning of anything can be the hardest step to take. Some people like to have a plan, an approach to their preferred outcome where as I’m the type of person who learned how to swim just by jumping in the lake. I am a big believer that if you are hesitating this often leads to procrastination and the best way to get into your project is to just start. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to know exactly how to do it right away. A lot of things in life are trial and error and a good way to know what you want in a project is to try different things and rule out what doesn’t work.


Once you have started there is a good chance you have figured out if your method is working for you or not. A lot of things require a process and fine-tuning along the way. If your first attempt was a disaster, that’s totally fine. Either find a way to improve it or scrap the whole thing altogether and start over, smarter this time. Take into account the mistakes you made and what you did and didn’t like about your first attempt and make sure to include or exclude these from round two (or three, or four).

Get inspo:

A lot of my new blogging comes from new life experiences. My writing often comes in spurts and I get down on myself about not having anything to say. When doubt I read a book or magazine, listen to a podcast, watch a show or interview, talk to someone new and there is really nothing that can be done when you have nothing different to say, for writing in particular. Even if this is doing research on previous formats of your ultimate goal this is a good way to get ahead and maybe learn some dos and don’ts for your own project. When you are feeling drained take a break from creating and absorb and consume new information and knowledge. This could have a positive effect on your project and inspire ideas for new ones.

Treat yo’self:

At the end of the day do something nice for yourself to celebrate how much you have achieved, or even just to console you after a day of not being so productive. Things take time and some of the more worthwhile things in life take a lot of time and a lot of practice. There will be setbacks along the way, I’m sure, but this is no reason to give up. Maybe it takes a shift in perspective or new way of looking at things but ultimately creating is a process and there is much to be learned just in the task itself.

Remember to not be too hard on yourself. A lot of good luck takes a lot of good practice.



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