No-Nonsense Motivation: How to Get Stuff Done

This is your no-nonsense motivation guide for getting stuff done. I've outlined the five steps to accomplishing any creative project you are thinking of achieving this year. It's pretty general advice but I also think it is pretty relevant. No major motivation to make you feel bad about yourself, just a little moral support to... Continue Reading →

The Introverted Leo

Hey there, loves! I have been thinking a lot about my blog. Going by my three birth-names was a personal way of sharing my story and although it greatly allowed me to identify with my stories and have a personal representation of all that made me, me, I knew I wanted to make a change.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Fight

It's officially the New Year and for the past two years I have rung in midnight at home, alone, in tears. Granted I always get emotional around these kinds of things (you know, countdowns, singing, fireworks) and last year's tears were courtesy of the attack in Istanbul and my fear of the future in an... Continue Reading →

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