Some Final 2017 Thoughts

Loves, we are right down to it: the last week of twenty-seventeen!

This year wasn’t a fantastic year politically or environmentally and even for me on a lot of personal levels. Although I managed to accomplish one of my biggest goals this year, I still need to find ways to comfort and console myself when I am not feeling secure, settled or sane. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as the new year approaches and you make your list of resolutions:


  1. A lot can happen in a year: 365 days is a long time to stick to a routine, a diet, a budget or whatever else you may be trying to accomplish this year. Keep in mind that there are plenty of days to be thrown off your chosen path, to right it again, and to find more struggles along the way and right those too. There is really no predicting where we will be a year from now and a whole year’s accolades are made up of tiny efforts every day from Jan to Dec. Keep in mind the little efforts and how far they get you and remember that there are plenty of ways to start over or make adjustments to better achieve your goals.


2. Failure is an option: When all else fails, why not fail yourself? So this might not be the super-inspiring-ultra-motivational speech you were looking for but this has been such a comfort to me. You can fail. You can start from scratch, you can salvage the pieces, you can start over; at a new school, at a new job, in a new hobby, or elsewhere. Take it from someone who lost their home, car, job, contact with their family and had to rebuild finances, a reputation, relationships. It’s tough but it is always an opportunity to go about your plan in a better, smarter way. Hopefully this takes some of the pressure away to always be successful. Let yourself off the hook.


3. Who cares? Do better, move on: And if and when you do fail? Don’t put too much merit into what people have to say or the judgments they make. Get up, dust yourself off, and try again. Learn from your mistakes and know that most of the time, none of them are such a big deal that you can’t get past them. Take it as a chance to gain experience and knowledge, and modify your plan to accomplish what matters most to you.


4. I think I’m constantly in a state of adjustment: I’m not comfortable being comfortable. I catastrophize and self-destruct. It’s probably my most unhealthy habit that I can’t keep a good thing going. I am impatient and impulsive and everything is the end of the world — except it’s not and I only realize this after the worst case scenario has become a reality and I realize I’m still alright. And I’m not going to say it’s okay to do this. This year I want to try to realize sooner that I am doing good and good doing so to speak, before things spin out of control. No need to be dramatic about it.


5. I need a new beginning… I always love a new beginning. I read a Twitter bio recently that said “resist nostalgia” and that really stuck with me. Nostalgia is not something to romanticize or hold on a pedestal. It is to be fought off with the same panache as the slow and uprising movements of this year: resisted like a temptation to fall back into the usual, the ritual, the habitual. Embrace the new, the change, the revolutionary.

Happy New Year, loves!



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