The Quasi-Resolutions



I’ll admit it: I don’t have any resolutions this year. I don’t think I’ve made resolutions since I was a teenager and although I have high hopes for the year ahead and the books I will read and the memories I will make, I am not one to make promises that put any amount of pressure on myself, even ones made for myself.

I think there is something beautiful about recommitting yourself to yourself every year, for health, wealth, wanderlust or whatever other reason so please don’t let me discourage you from indulging in this ritual. I just know that for me it is much more of a moment-to-moment process and although I’m “in it” for the long-term goals I have the experience that wishing to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else, only breeds misery so the only promise I am making is to make better in-the-moment decisions:

  1. Spend more time creating, less time scrolling.
  2. Connect with content, get inspired.
  3. Don’t buy that, I don’t need it.
  4. Pay attention to who is good for me.
  5. Be more consistent, set a schedule and stick to it.

I mean, I guess those are technically resolutions but those are just things that have arisen this year that I want to be more mindful of in the future, forever after and not really just for a given period of time or purpose. So instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, look realistically at your life and ask yourself:

What little adjustments can I make to my approach in order to have more quality time, people, money, in my life?

I love a new beginning, it is the chance for a great story and of unlimited possibilities. This year I can only wish the best things for all of you and hope that you find balance of excitement and comfort, of doing everything you dream of even if that is not much at all, and that most of all you create meaningful memories with your loved ones. And with that I leave you with my advice for the New Year:

  1. Try at least one new thing a month.
  2. Spend less money on things and more on experiences.
  3. Say yes to new opportunities and live things that will make good stories.

Sending my warmest wishes your way,



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