There is a reason I spend New Year's Eve alone. No, it isn't just like any other night. I don't care what you say, New Year's Eve is special. NYE may just be the only global holiday as our calendar is considered throughout all religions, all cultures, and all ages. But back to why I... Continue Reading →

Some Final 2017 Thoughts

Loves, we are right down to it: the last week of twenty-seventeen! This year wasn't a fantastic year politically or environmentally and even for me on a lot of personal levels. Although I managed to accomplish one of my biggest goals this year, I still need to find ways to comfort and console myself when... Continue Reading →

The Quasi-Resolutions

FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I'll admit it: I don't have any resolutions this year. I don't think I've made resolutions since I was a teenager and although I have high hopes for the year ahead and the books I will read and the memories I will make, I am not one to make promises that... Continue Reading →

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