On Grief and the Holidays

There are two different breeds of grief. The first is acute grief from when you lose someone suddenly in the the life you both knew and mourning the end of a shared journey, and the second is grief that comes with every subsequent day of change, growth and evolution and the slow and unsympathetic realization... Continue Reading →

I Hate Everyone

I literally just can't with some people. Not today. Have you ever had those days where everyone seems to have an opinion? a criticism? a downright disapproval of you? I do think there is some validity in this. If everyone is telling you the dress is blue and black, and you still insist that it's... Continue Reading →


Just this evening I was listening to my Spotify Daily Mix and I had to restrain myself from posting videos of myself lipsyncing every. damn. song. (Sup, Britney? Christina? Hilary?) So instead like all sane and restrained Millenials do, I flooded my friends with them and like true high school ride-or-dies, they entertained my voyage... Continue Reading →

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