Gaga: Five Foot Two

I have never been one for fads, always flocking to the reliable, steady, and classic with friends, fashion, and fandoms. I have seen my idols through breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs and all of these have only made those in the public eye more raw, more relatable, and more real.

“[…] Five Foot Two” shows Gaga in her purest form; prepping and playing in the studio, rehearsing and rehashing performances, and visiting with her invaluable family. She and I have this in common: we value blood and though I have never or will never have any measure of the level of fame that she has been thrown into these last 10 years, I know a thing or two about loss in love and in life in general.

I can empathize with feeling that you have everything one could ever ask for, yet simultaneously nothing at all, and of the three very high points that I can think of throughout my adult life, I have every time lost very important parts of what defined those highs, what were large pieces of my identity, and what I felt contributed most to those successes.

I had a major depression, dangerous mania, and threatening psychotic episode, and each time I had rebuilt myself from what felt like nothing, having personally thrown away literally all of my possessions in fits of delusion. It seems as though I have this pattern of purging and splurging when I am going through transition and it has cost me mementos and memories, and not just tangible ones.

Now, I am no fair-weather Gaga fan. She has been around all my adult years and her music has seen me through a lot. Hearing her play Bad Romance acoustically in this doc only makes my crusade for a Greatest Hits: Stripped album even stronger.

I was hoping that this post would include coverage of my first time seeing Lady Gaga live but following some health issues she cancelled her September 4th show in Montreal. This documentary and her hotel pizza party (see link) more than make up for the postponed show. No pressure, Gaga. Little Monsters will love you far and wide, forever.




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