Blogging: A Year In Review and Highlights

It’s my blog birthday!

When I started this blog a year ago, my intentions were to write in an accessible forum and have an online log of my thoughts and contemplations (and also to stop bothering people on my Facebook with long rants — sorry about that). I never expected to get the feedback I have to this date received, and connect with a vast online community.

The internet is simultaneously such an incredible and horrible place, but in my experience it has been an inviting, welcoming, and accepting environment. I love all my readers: the ones who pop in for a post or two, and equally the ones who diligently read everything I post (hi dad).

I’ve gone through my blog and picked out 5 moments that stand out to me. Here they are, in chronological order:

1. “Can we love after love?” — Send My Love

This was included in my first official after welcome-to-my-page post. It involves a mix-up of one of Cher’s most popular songs but in my error I was enlightened to ask myself a larger question. “Do you believe in love after love?” For me once was more than enough, and I cherish the memories of my first love with attention and try to hang on to detail: the feels, the sounds, the smells. I for one, have not loved after love, and as euphoric as love is, when I think back to it, I wasn’t that happy in love… I mean I was. I was over-the-moon-ecstatic, but I don’t think this is healthy, at least not for me who direly takes everything as seriously as the metaphorical end of the world. I had an extreme “high” for a long time, but the low that followed was more than I could bare and I would never want to feel that despair again.

2. I came to terms with death and dying, and almost glorified the idea of dying young.” — A Milestone

I did romanticize the idea of dying in my youth; of being immortalized forever as young and in my prime. I fear that as I grow old I will grow irrelevant and people will forget about me, especially if I choose or just happen to not have a family of my own. I want my legacy to be one of not just birthing humans, should I choose to do so, but in my relationships with family and friends and lovers, in my work, professional, volunteer-based, and as a hobby writing and raising awareness about cancer wellness, mental health, and my own brand of feminism. I absolutely want my legacy to include an exhibit of my Pinterest boards, ESPECIALLY the legendary, must-see “Best Music Videos”.

3. “Have tolerance, have understanding, have sympathy, have forgiveness, have compassion.” — New Year, New Post

I posted this on January 1st, 2017 a little after midnight. I plead of you now more than ever to keep these virtues in your life. The world can be hateful, spiteful, vengeful, and just awful. But if we have these 5 things: tolerance, understanding, sympathy, forgiveness, and compassion… I do believe that we are better off as a world, as a global community. We are all different from one another, unique in big ways and small ways, but we are more alike than we are different. Please keep this in mind.

4. “I refuse, rebuke, and reject the idea that this was my ‘fate’. That some almighty God had this plan for me for some greater purpose.” — When Panic Attacks

No. This is not how it was ‘supposed’ to go down for me, for the environment, for those hurting. Not everything happens for a reason, even though I once clung to this belief for dear life. There is no rhyme or reason to life and its ups and downs. We are merely along for the ride and can do nothing but adjust the sails. We can control our actions and reactions, but not the consequences and retaliations of these. There is no explanation for poverty, illness, or misfortune. We must all be kind and do our best to make the world a little better and just for everyone.

5. “Hope is not silly, it’s in fact very admirable to breed bright ideas through dire situations, to keep the faith when we feel helpless, to be innovative when all signs point to demise.” — On Hope

I stand by this. Hope has single-handedly gotten me through some of my worst weeks/days/hours. The ability to hold on to faith in the darkest time is power. To see a positive future when we are experiencing oppression, injustice, or just plain shitty circumstance is a tool we can all access, at any time, anywhere. The idea that we can hold on to a better time, a better place, can be all we need to get us through suffering. Please, I beg of you, hold onto your hope and belief that things will get better. It is no secret I believed I peaked at 16 years old and nothing will ever get better than those carefree late-teenage years, but I hold on that maybe I can beat it.


So there you have it. 5 highlights from my blog. Feel free to consider yourself all caught up and continue on reading from hereon out.  Love again. Live again. Have compassion. Find your own reason to live, and always, always, hold on to hope.

As well but not least, a big thank you for tuning in on my journey, just for a visit or for the long haul. I appreciate all the reads, comments, and support.



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