3 Things I’ve Learned While Job Searching

As a currently active job-seeker, I have learned some things from job searching. I have been told by employers I interview well, it’s just that for some reason nothing has stuck yet. Some interviews I feel I’ve nailed it, and others I leave in tears, but here are three lessons I’ve come across in my own personal search for employment.

1. Go to the interviews.

Interviews are hit or miss every single time, and you’ll never know which way it’s going to bounce until you show up. Some interviews I’ve contemplated not going to because I don’t see what my experience has in common with the company have ended up being the best potential opportunities, and then some of the ones where I think I’m well prepared and will be a good fit have been a total disaster. The truth is the good ones build your confidence, and the bad ones shape your idea of where you want to work and impress what kind of values in a company are important for you in your employment.

2. It’s kind of like a first date.


I had an interview where I was asked the craziest thing I’ve ever done — not a typical job interview question. I was caught off guard but I actually had a good answer and the person interviewing me said it was the best answer she had heard from all the candidates. Keep it structured but take the formality out of it. Really all an interview is is testing the waters, on both ends. Put on your best, be cordial, and keep it simple.

3. Do your research & follow up.

Always know in advance who you are meeting with. Do some research on the company. Businesses who have taken the most interest in me after an interview are those I have done extensive research on. Scour their website. Not only does it make you more invested from knowing more about your potential employer but it shows your interest. Have one or two company-specific questions to ask at your interview and always, ALWAYS, follow up with a ‘thank you for the opportunity’ phone call or email. There is integrity in showing that the job interview doesn’t end in the meeting room, and that they have imbued something in you.

At the end of the day, I feel the right job will come along. There have been some I have been very optimistic about and others that I knew just sitting in the waiting room it wasn’t the right fit. Take it easy and again, keep it simple. I have to keep in mind I am interviewing these companies and businesses as much as they are interviewing me.

Wish me luck! … I could use it.




4 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned While Job Searching

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    1. Thank you, Nacadie! I try to call ’em as I see ’em . I have had interviews that have felt like interrogations and others like catching up with an old friend. You just gotta show up and roll with it!




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