Woman Empowering Women: Ke$ha & Praying

Disclosure: Sensitive content about abuse. Read at your own discretion.

Ke$ha is back with a power ballad, trail blazing and name-taking. Her released video was all over social media in the evening EST yesterday, and I heard it for the first time while tucking into bed. I knew immediately I wanted to write about it.

There is a lot of speculation and evidence that this video and song is a response to her highly publicized lawsuit against Dr. Luke that has been going on for years. IMHO, the lawsuit didn’t get resolved to a fair end (#justiceforKe$ha) but this new song coming to light has to be the most defiant and profound way for her to get satisfaction.

Let’s start at the beginning: the monologue ‘prologue’ has echoed how I have felt about losing my health to cancer, control to mental health, and my sexual liberties and discretion to a rapist. Woah.

Without getting too much into it, I was in a crisis centre with a man — I don’t even recall his name — who lured me into his room and said “je veux t’abuser”. I can’t speak to my state of mind at the time. In my psychosis I was lead to believe that he was some kind of prophet planted there to absolve me of my sins and sleeping with him would conceive that. It was months until I told anyone about it, even the crisis centre. I ended up sitting down with them and made the decision not to press charges.

But this new song, Praying, is the proof that not only acceptance of such situations exists, but that forgiveness can be served too. Like in that monologue, we can feel lifeless, hopeless, stranded, and abandoned. “What is the point?” She asks. So many people preach and teach that there is a greater purpose to everything in our lives, that everything happens for a reason. But people rarely call bad things destiny.

Ke$ha’s new song proves that in a world full of hateful acts and injustices we can hope, pray, and release the harms that have been carried against us and I think that release is the most important of these things. Sometimes we hold on to the hurt, the anger, for good reason so as to protect ourselves, but often this can end badly: building walls and shutting our loved ones out, and losing trust for ourselves, others, the universe.

This is probably the most personal song Ke$ha has ever come out with, and I look forward to hearing the forthcoming album Rainbow. It is nice to hear her come out with something so moving, and although this may be my favourite song of hers yet, I hope that after all this turmoil she learns how to have fun again, both in her life and in her art — she certainly deserves it.

Power on, warriors.



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