Woman Empowering Women: Tori Kelly

I first Shazammed Tori Kelly (born Victoria Loren Kelly)’s song Should’ve Been Us early summer 2016. I was going through a particular period of heartache and unrequited love. It is mostly safe to say that the way all my romantic relationships have ended so far, I feel if only circumstances, timing, or some other factor were different, it would have worked out. But alas, I’m a romantic at heart and a fool for nostalgia.

I went on to connect with more of Tori Kelly’s songs like First Heartbreak, Dear No One, and Hollow, mostly from her debut LP, Unbreakable Smile. Despite always scouting out new music, Kelly didn’t cross my path until a year after her debut album release, even with a Grammy nom for best new artist and being a contestant on American Idol (Netflix > Cable).

Dear No One is a hopeful yet defiant love ballad that the search for love is no more, yet not promoting the loss of hope that he (or she, or they,) is not still out there. I personally identify with this song, as someone who has loved and lost and may not love again… but is open to the possibility. The idea that we are not in love with love itself, but open to meeting someone who could create that feeling within us is a powerful one and one better than finding companionship for the sake of itself.

Kelly’s strong vocal skills, paired with the feelings of vulnerability and fragility in her songs, especially on the acoustic track version of Hollow is a perfect depiction of her talent. Her songs are raw and real and relatable, and I, for one, am a big fan.

Regardless of her limited presence in the media, it seems as if Tori Kelly has some stories to tell in love, loss, and learning. She remains mainstream yet under the radar. She has stayed true to her image and her sound throughout her young career and can stand up solo on a track just as well as stand out on a collaboration.

So today’s cheers and kudos goes to her. Can’t wait for her hopefully long and prosperous career and to see what she comes up with next!



Disclosure: WEW features women that are inspiring. This is NOT meant to be political. Just a lil lady love to those who I think deserve a shining moment by a lowly humble blogger like me.

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