Aftermath: Chester Bennington Suicide

Disclosure: Sensitive content about suicide, read at your own discretion. I may not have anything smart to say about suicide, as awful a thing as it can be, the tributes coming in too late, as if only if that outpour of support and love was there before, maybe, just maybe, something would have gone different. I... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award 2017 & Nominations

Hey there readers. After connecting with some blogging networks online I came across viral blogging awards and as per my Liebster Blogging Award, I have also been nominated for the Sunshine Blogging Award. Thank you to Nikki's Talk for the nomination, an Indian lifestyle blogger and total sweetheart. I will nominate 5 other bloggers at the... Continue Reading →

Woman Empowering Women: Ke$ha & Praying

Disclosure: Sensitive content about abuse. Read at your own discretion. Ke$ha is back with a power ballad, trail blazing and name-taking. Her released video was all over social media in the evening EST yesterday, and I heard it for the first time while tucking into bed. I knew immediately I wanted to write about it. There... Continue Reading →

Woman Empowering Women: Tori Kelly

I first Shazammed Tori Kelly (born Victoria Loren Kelly)'s song Should've Been Us early summer 2016. I was going through a particular period of heartache and unrequited love. It is mostly safe to say that the way all my romantic relationships have ended so far, I feel if only circumstances, timing, or some other factor... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award 2017 & Nominations

Recently I've been looking for ways to spread the word about my blog and connect with the blogging community. After joining some pages on Facebook, and creating one of my own as this seems to be the best way to connect with an extended network, I threw my name into a thread for the Liebster... Continue Reading →

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