Manchester: A Clarification

I want to explain why I cover some news events and not others, most recently the Manchester bombing and not the London bridge attacks and issue an apology for this particular post.

For one, I write and post sporadically and on a whim. The second reason is some news hits closer to home. I had just been to a concert in May when the bombing took place weeks later, and this, as well as the Orlando Pulse shooting last summer is somewhat more my demographic as a young liberal woman who enjoys concerts and supports the LGBTQ+ community.

With my compulsive tendencies to get immersed in these issues as per the idea of ‘Tragedy Porn’, sometimes I need to distance myself and take a step away from the reporting altogether.

I read an article in my local newspaper that said after the attack in Manchester that we didn’t really have the “right” to be afraid in Canada. We are safer than a lot of other places in the world, especially recently, and that to act in fear would only do a disservice to the rest of the world.

Reading that gave me pause. I believe my exact words were “we are not safe”, but unlike war-torn countries where families and individuals are forced to flee their homes and their countries and run for their lives, we have it pretty good here. Most of what I see on a daily basis are people opening doors for others, and giving up their seats on the metro, and of this a terrorized area does not make.

I apologize for the over dramatic nature of my post. I guess the way they report it in the news it just feels so close to home, and with 24 hour live coverage, is perpetuated to seem of common occurrence. I remember my first month-long stay in the psych ward the patients would watch CNN ad nauseam and I thought why do these people subject themselves to this? Especially in such a fragile state? From then on I thought of the news outlet as the Crisis News Network.

Anyhow, I hope you accept my apology and know that I did not mean to induce fear or the feeling of being unsafe or trivialize the real terror some people are living with. I’m sorry.

I came to this realization on my own but please don’t be afraid to speak up to me when I post something you don’t agree with. I am flawed and only looking to make better sense of this world and welcome all input and information.

All love,



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