Five Song Soundtrack

Have you ever pictured your life was a motion picture? Stared out the window of a bus or train with your headphones in, maybe on a rainy day, and that song comes on and just captures the moment? Or maybe it’s you and your entourage’s anthem and every time you hear it it propels you to that event, that place, that time?

Here are my 5 essentials for the soundtrack to my life.

  1. Breathe Me – Sia 

Scene: opening credits. I am somewhere, walking alone in a downpour. I have just been broken-up with/fired by/rejected from something. I don’t have an umbrella and my tears are unnoticeable except you can tell I’m crying by the furrows in my brow and chin.

2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Greg Laswell

Scene: In a basement club where I have gone to drown my sorrows, the lights dim except for the strobe lights, there is clearly dance music playing but the scene is slowed down and set to this song. I am intoxicated in not just my consumption, but the bodies, and the music. I release the heartbreak and let the moment take over. I am free.

3. Dancing On My Own – Callum Scott

Scene: Still at the club, I catch a glimpse of someone I am attracted to. We share a smile and they head over to the bar to meet their partner. The momentary euphoria and rush of hope is crushed with sudden disappointment. I stare for a minute at them, then stare into my drink. I hit back the last of it and make my way into the crowd to dance once last round.

4. Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow

Scene: After dancing all night with complete strangers I leave the club and get into a cab. I smile from the corner of my mouth and look up at the moon through the window. I get a call from a family asking how I’m doing after my breakup/firing/rejection. The music plays in the background. “I’m good,” I say, and I believe it.

5. As Long As You Love Me – Sleeping At Last

Scene: I make it to my apartment and slowly climb the stairs to the third or fourth floor. Right as the chorus kicks in I open the door to be greeted by a happy and excited puppers. We go for a walk around the block, it is late after all, and then we make it home. Montage of me giving my puppers a treat/washing my face/brushing my teeth/climbing into bed in my pyjamas and puppers joins, tail still wagging their tail. We fall asleep blissfully in my queen size bed with way too many pillows. Fade to black.


What’s your #5SongSoundtrack?



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