On Beginnings

It’s the solstice! The first official day of summer and to me, it feels like new beginnings.

Not only am I in a period of transition now, but it is always a a a good time to assess, evaluate, and put a plan into action. Maybe some of you have been in a routine for some years and are quite comfortable; to you, I am happy for, jealous of, and questioning you… HOW?! With all the twists and turns on this roller coaster we call life, since my teens with a life-threatening physical illness and equally dismal mental illness I have not managed to stay stable but for a few years at a time. It’s been adventurous to say the least.

But enough about the past. Today we are here to focus on the future.


Ah yes, the magic of beginnings: The first day of a school year, or a new job. A budding relationship, romantic, familial, or that of a new pet. A new sense of freedom whether that be from oppression, illness, responsibilities or other. We all get so tied into the familiar, and often the bad and known is more comfortable than the new and unknown. It takes a great deal of courage to step out and venture into the alternate world.


The truth is our future is mostly (somewhat) in our control and more so the further and further we go along in life. Our first big decision as young adults is what, if any, higher education we want to get and this will dictate our career orientation and vocational lives. Experience matters at a surprisingly young age. Extra-curricular activities are a way to explore our interests and become practical in a field that could be our financial life support for the rest of our lives. Not only in the work place, but us, and our attitudes dictate our relationships: whether we visit and call our parents, stay close to our siblings, our first friend(s) and ally(ies) in this world, and keep in touch with our friends who after high school are bound to reach every corner of the globe and not always back again. What you eat and how you exercise are all (sometimes not the do-all) indicators of our health. As crazy as life is, we have a say in how it all goes down.


We choose weather a dream is a reality or just that, a wish, a fantasy, or if we want to put in place steps to achieve those aspirations. It’s never too late to start. Despite being held back, hurdles, and failures, we can try and try again. I know after many setbacks, that’s the only thing keeping me going. I am not yet 28 years old and I still have time, who knows how much, but I will spend it chasing and realizing the things I value most and want to manifest in my life: language or musical lessons, a charitable initiative, and a beloved pet. I may be stagnant, but this mind is not idle, and I keep these at the forefront of my every action in order to achieve them.


Be the girl, boy, woman, man, non-gender conforming beaut, that decides to go for it. To all my Boss Babes and Baes, take that chance. Fortune favours the bold. No matter how many times you’ve been held back, get up once more. With a little perseverance, dedication, and discipline, there isn’t much that is out of reach. I believe in you.


But always remember, as this quote suggests, life is a constant state of flux and flow. You may be settled in your life and have the whole thing turned upside down one day. There is not really anyone can do to prevent or prepare. Adjust your eyes to the light. Be flexible. Be open when life takes you in new directions (as long as they are positive). Grow. Change. Learn. Evolve. You can adjust and settle into a new situation, a new relationship, a new school, a new job… all those things we talked about at the beginning.

Big hugs,





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