Manchester: A Clarification

I want to explain why I cover some news events and not others, most recently the Manchester bombing and not the London bridge attacks and issue an apology for this particular post. For one, I write and post sporadically and on a whim. The second reason is some news hits closer to home. I had... Continue Reading →

Five Song Soundtrack

Have you ever pictured your life was a motion picture? Stared out the window of a bus or train with your headphones in, maybe on a rainy day, and that song comes on and just captures the moment? Or maybe it's you and your entourage's anthem and every time you hear it it propels you... Continue Reading →

On Beginnings

It's the solstice! The first official day of summer and to me, it feels like new beginnings. Not only am I in a period of transition now, but it is always a a a good time to assess, evaluate, and put a plan into action. Maybe some of you have been in a routine for... Continue Reading →

Disney Dads

I saw¬†Beauty and The Beast 2017 in early April, and beforehand I had¬†already read up on it (no spoilers here, I've seen the original at least a dozen times, if not more) and leading up to my viewing listened to the film's official soundtrack since the movie's release day on March 17th. Whether Disney's marketing... Continue Reading →

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