On Hope

“It is not childish to hold on to hope, it’s actually hard — very, very hard.”

…so says this quote from my beloved show Grey’s Anatomy, holding on to hope is not a pipe dream, it is actually one of the most difficult things you can do. For some people, hope is all they have. When the worst seems to be reality, when there is no sign of things getting better, when you can seemingly never get out of the eternal darkness that we inevitably all endure as part of our human experience, holding on to hope can be the only thing to make a bad situation seem bearable.

Hope is kind of like a faithful wish; something we want to happen and the belief that one day it will come true for us. Hope allows us to aspire to brighter things in the future. Hope is the feeling that against all odds there is a possibility for a better outcome. It is sometimes all we need to propel us towards building a plan to help us prosper in love, in our careers, in any and all aspects of our lives.

Hope can be the blanket that keeps us warm at night, the thing we hold on to to get us through dark times. Hope is not silly, it’s in fact very admirable to breed bright ideas through dire situations, to keep the faith when we feel helpless, to be innovative when all signs point to demise. When all else fails, and we have nothing to look forward to, and we are sad, in pain, or otherwise down, hope is a dream of better days, better people, better things ahead.

And for me, a dream is a lot. A dream means that I can picture myself in the future, looking back at my current situation and laugh, or smile, and know that there are possibilities to grow. It’s simply, yet also so greatly, my inspiration.

Hope can be accessed by anyone, of any financial class, of any race, of any gender or non-gender. It is one of the luxuries afforded to us just for the sake of being human beings and one we should all take advantage of. Hope will take you by the hand and never let go as long as you’re hanging on.

Hope is a virtue. It is the companion we all need.

I know I can get pretty down on myself and the universe, but the truth is I am a dreamer and always have been. You might even say I have a hard time staying in the moment because I am always running away in ideas of and making plans for the future. I have many hopes, for my family, for my home, for my career, for a puppers or kitten to smother with love, and these things have been inherently and also somehow in contradiction of their very essence grounding in themselves; concrete and achievable goals with a little discipline, perseverance, and patience.

Hope is how I have the nerve to imagine my future. Hope keeps the dream alive that I can be someone who has something positive to contribute to this world. Hope is my escape.

Keep dreaming,



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