Like There’s Something To Say (or WEW: Lorde)

The title of this post is a line in one of my favourite fierce femme’s, Lorde’s, songs 400 Lux. The full line is “Where we can talk like there’s something to say,” and I hope that here is that place. Being a leukemia survivor and an outspoken mental health advocate, I hope that my something to say has some value for someone, and I hope too that it is found in this venue.

Another line in her song Glory and Gore is “Now we’re in the ring and we’re coming for blood”. I am not at all about violence, but now that I am in this forum I feel like my opinions are stronger than they were before and I feel the need to stand by what I divulge here.

My first feature of Woman Empowering Women was the most modestly received of all my posts. I understand that it is not really in my image to get involved in “feminism” or “politics” — I avoid conflict and controversial stances at all costs, but this is a special venture for me so I am going to persevere a little longer, at least until I’ve featured most of my favourite women in the media (who happen to mostly be in music).

Lesser known to the public as Ella Yelich O’Connor, Lorde broke records with her debut album Pure Heroine and her vastly popular first single Royals. Hot off the presses with her latest releases Green Light and Liability slated to be on her sophomore album titled Melodrama, Lorde is making news for all the right reasons and is a force to be reckoned with. With two Grammys already under her belt at a mere 21 years of age she has single-handedly reframed the mold for what pop music stands for.


By standing proud against the ‘pop star image’ of a society obsessed with bubbly-eyed, tiny-waisted music industry puppets, Lorde declares she is decisively not a ‘White Teeth Teen‘ and brings us a whole new powerhouse persona for what a pop star can — and admittedly does — look like.

In an interview with Apple Music she says this about the album:

“There’s definitely moments where it’s like I had to tell the truth so starkly to myself and to my friends and people around me. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s amazing actually listening to this body of work and being like, wow, that is that [first adult] year of my life in all of its kind of glory and disgusting — all the gross moments, all great moments. It’s really special for me to listen to.”

The album’s release is scheduled for summer 2017, while she will be performing on SNL tomorrow night and you can catch her headlining at Osheaga music festival in Montreal this coming August.

All love, and power on my female friends.



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