Woman Empowering Women: Camila Cabello

So I’ve updated my website blurb to include women’s empowerment. Every now and then I will feature someone in the media, my life, or elsewhere that is inspiring other women around the world to teach their values, stay true to themselves and flaunt many of their other qualities. I think we are at a time when women are at a pivotal point in the making of history, and especially in the United States where their rights are being threatened by a president who undermines their rights and authority to make decisions about themselves and their bodies. This is NOT meant to be political at all. Just a lil lady love to those who I think deserve a shining moment by a lowly humble blogger like me.

Now I know there are many women worthy of a shining moment, and like I said this is strictly unpolitical. I will try to stay away from polarizing figures for the sake of harmony, and feature women who I can most relate to and have relevance in my life. Please don’t be offended. This is my brand of feminism and all critiques are uninvited and unwelcome (but will be considered nonetheless because, well, I care).

This week’s featured woman of the hour is Camila Cabello. She found fame and later fortune from starring on the X Factor USA in a girl group who has gone on to find global success. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.


Cabello left Fifth Harmony to venture out on a solo career and the breakup with the girl group was less than amicable. With statements released by both parties about how this was or wasn’t expected and then the lashing out of fans feeling betrayed, it was a tough situation for all involved, especially Cabello.

I understand both perspectives. On one hand, stay loyal to your roots and what brought you success, and on the other stand up for yourself and your rights as an artist.

Cabello was featured on the cover of this month’s Billboard magazine, and in her interview she straight-up says that she basically felt like 5H wasn’t her voice.

“We didn’t write our records. We were interpreting somebody else’s story. Fifth Harmony is an entity or identity outside all of us, and I don’t think anybody felt individually represented by the sound — we didn’t make it.”

As a listener I found this to be true to me as well. Yes, they have catchy songs but none of them that resonate with me personally and I think this came across precisely because none of them were involved in the music-writing. In an interview with Billboard.com she says that as an artist she wants to bear her soul, and I think this will have a huge impact for her fan base and how she connects with a new audience.

But despite the outcome of her music and whether it is received positively or negatively there will always be those who love or hate her for her decision to leave 5H. This could make or break her career and already trending hashtags on twitter such as #CamilaIsOverParty make it seem like there is a large bias against her.

I for one have so much respect for her going into this when 5H is at the peak of their career and having so much momentum that I think she is brave. Now, if she doesn’t want to roll around on a beach scantily clad she doesn’t have to (but if she does that’s totally cool too), because her voice is hers and she is no longer represented by a brand. She has mentioned before she has felt ‘sexualized’ and I am not against being sexy, but to be brought into an internationally-famed band and represent a sex symbol when you are not even legal to by beer in your own country is just wrong. Sexualization, IMHO has to be at the artist’s will and is often a coming-of-age thing, like Demi Lovato who is rinsing off her squeaky clean image with Disney to break out her sensual side with her new(ish) single ‘Body Say’. But that’s a feature for another day.

Now please excuse me while I go answer e-mails and sway my shoulders to “Bad Things”.



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