A Check Up

I felt bad leaving you with my last post, and have been thinking these last two days about how to follow up. I hope you can empathize with me that the New Year can be a difficult time for many, and I wanted to quote something Obama said in his farewell address tonight that his mom originally told him: reality has a way of catching up with you.

It’s true, and two nights ago, and many days before that, I was feeling it. I do think it is best to be optimistic about the future, and have high hopes for the prospects that are presented you.

I have a friend travelling off island and out of the city to help a friend in need. Without going into too much detail she has reached out to many places and has found help from complete strangers, and I think this is a testament to how the universe proves to be there for you in ways we don’t even realize. I’ve offered to help after hearing her struggles, and have also reached out to my friends during my time in need who have shared stories, laughs, and their company. It has been really comforting to see others rally around me and offer the simplest things. It makes a big difference, even if it’s just to put a smile on my face, and it means the world.

Now, that being said, I do stand by what I wrote. Clichés are sometimes untrue, and can give one a wrongful sense of entitlement, and spin those who are struggling into despair with thoughts of “maybe I deserve to suffer” or other — maybe worse — thoughts, and I assure you this isn’t the case. I do believe in the general rule of karma and I do believe that what you put out into the universe will in some way be reflected back at you… kindness is a mostly good example.

I think it is important to notice when we are in a situation we aren’t happy with, and evaluate and reevaluate and reach out. Find options. It is never too late to change your situation, or be that person you wanted to be — just think: be your very own hero! There will be trials and struggles, but don’t give up. Validate yourself and acknowledge your difficult time, but don’t stay there. It’s a horrible thing to suffer, but it’s worse to suffer in silence. Remember, you are not alone.

I love you all, and wish I could squeeze you all with big hugs.

Virtual ones will have to do for now! 🙂




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