New Year, New Post

I’ve been reflecting, as we do, over the new year. Not necessarily setting resolutions — I gave those up years ago, but just thinking about the past, my hopes and fears in the present, and how to move forward in the future.

I think Google has done a “year in the Zeitgeist” since 2010, and this year’s year in search review was absolutely heart breaking. I’ve watched it about 10 times and I get tears in my eyes every time I do. I’ll post the clip here:

I was writing on my Facebook as I watched NYRE about the new year, and my hopes for my friends and family. This is some of what I wrote:

“Such horrible things are happening, and it is far from being over, but please, love one another. Have tolerance, have understanding, have sympathy, have forgiveness, have compassion.

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, full of fear. How do we know that this year will be better than 2016? As a friend pointed out to me, there is no indication of 2017 being any better. And I read an article urging people to give time, money, anything they can to the right organizations, because if we’re not careful, we just may be hoping at this time next year for 2016 to come back.

Love is love is love is love is love… and we all deserve it. I am so lucky to live in a place where my rights aren’t taken for granted, and there is no imminent threat to my safety. I don’t take that for granted. But I do get caught up in my own distractions, and I sometimes forget just how lucky I am.

I do wish the best for all of you in 2017. Please do your part in making this world better. Recycle, donate, volunteer. Listen, speak up, share.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We are all brothers and sisters, flawed and magnificent.

I love you all. Big, huge, enormous hugs.”

Little did I know that as I was writing this, or a few hours prior, there was a shooting in Istanbul that took 39 lives and injured many more. My heart breaks. Honestly, it is incomprehensible that some people have such hatred (or whatever it is) in their lives that they would be driven to perform such a travesty.

I don’t necessarily “follow” politics. I read the headlines, and I take to heart what my friends and foes post on social media, and I’ve made a point in my life to vote. I think it’s important, and they say that your dollars are votes too! Buy from local small businesses. Donate to organizations that matter to you. Do your part in being a good citizen and helping those who represent your values.

Please for the love of WHATEVER you believe in, love your fellow brothers and sisters.loa-logo_heart-small-e1457054980226As I said before, I am sending you all big, huge, enormous hugs for this year and ever after. May this year be filled with joy, light, love, laughter, and most importantly, peace. We all have a say in how this year will go down. Make your voice count.

Love always,





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