A Thought on Mourning Pt. Deuce

So some of you may have noticed I was visibly absent from the #BellLetsTalk discussion. There is a simple explanation to this: I was helping a friend in need and away from any and all social media for a few days. But I don't think the discussion should start and end on this one day... Continue Reading →

A Thought on Mourning Pt. The First

I have a hard time writing this one, because two people are in a relationship, and even when that relationship ends, there is only one of them left writing this blog. We are so intertwined, even when we are apart. The identity might become clear of who this mystery man is for those of you... Continue Reading →

A Check Up

I felt bad leaving you with my last post, and have been thinking these last two days about how to follow up. I hope you can empathize with me that the New Year can be a difficult time for many, and I wanted to quote something Obama said in his farewell address tonight that his... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Cliché

Before I begin, I ask of your forgiveness The holidays are over and I'm feeling pessimistic. The stress of expectation and anticipation is over, but so is the spirit of hope and new beginnings. So I ask you to bear with me as I criticize some of your favorite chlichés, point out what I believe... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Post

I've been reflecting, as we do, over the new year. Not necessarily setting resolutions -- I gave those up years ago, but just thinking about the past, my hopes and fears in the present, and how to move forward in the future. I think Google has done a "year in the Zeitgeist" since 2010, and... Continue Reading →

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