Lessons In Love

I haven’t learned a whole lot in my dating years but I have learned some.


For one, I haven’t been all that easy to find, and that’s okay. When I’m out in public I often have my baseball cap and shades on, headphones in my ears and my head down, not looking to make contact with anyone. Pair that with a few month-long hospitalizations in the last ten years and not staying in one place long enough to become a regular anywhere and it makes social contact pretty fickle. But that’s okay. I love this Van Vuren quote because the few times I have been in love it has been unforgettable.


I know that love is rare and I have so many people tell me things like “when I meet that special someone” and I always correct them to “if I meet that special someone” because I want to know that even if I don’t find love again, that what I have loved has been enough and that I will be okay thrive. I have been very lucky to find love. Some people search for it their whole lives and never find it.


What I do know is you have to let go. Let go of expectation, let go of all your hopes, and just go with it. Take it day by day and don’t let past or future interfere. We all have metaphorical “baggage” but you are best to trust yourself and be open. Let go of society’s standards, and what you think a relationship “should” look like. Let go of fear. Let really go. And at the end of the day if that’s not enough, you have to let go enough to move on.


The dating world can be brutal, I know ’cause I’ve been out there. At the end of the day you’ll always have yourself. So treat yourself and love yourself the way you deserve to be loved and remember that we are worth it.


Yes, that’s right, this is your token love yourself post, because with all the horrible going on in the world we can use the reminder to love ourselves first and foremost and if we can bear it, spread that love as far and wide as possible.

Love you babes,



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