5 years of health

Today marks 5 years since my stem cell transplant for acute mylogenous leukemia.

I celebrate today and all the love and help I received from family, friends, family friends, doctors, nurses, researchers, technicians, and donors. It is thanks to all these people that I am alive today.

I share below a letter I wrote to my donors in my successful attempt to raise thousands of dollars for the LLS.

What a happy landmark to achieve. Much love to you all!

Big hugs,



“To my supporters,

Your contributions were part of 2.5 million dollars raised to find a cure for blood cancers.

This past weekend I ran 21 kilometers as an LLS member in Disney World.

It was a particularly special event for me as the afternoon before my departure I was given the coordinates of my bone marrow donor.

I can vouch as an experienced patient that the renewal of life is precious and is to be cherished as we are reminded of the simultaneous existence within us of fragility and strength and the relationship between them.

Thanks so much for your generosity. I feel privileged to have shared these moments with a society united and founded by a very valuable initiative and worthy cause, and for the insights I have gained.

Thank you so much,


Also, the trip permitted for some leisurely activity, and I have attached below a picture of the adventures partaken by my best friend and me.”



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