A Sleepless Night

It’s 4:37 AM right now and I’m still awake. Caffeine has a half life of 6 hours and I broke my rule of not having coffee after 2:00 PM because I was headed to the last night of the fireworks competition here in Montreal for the summer 2016 season and I knew I’d miss the whole show yawning so I snuck in a cup at 4:00 PM. (Bad idea.)

As I lay in bed wide awake a song popped into my head, as they often do, and this was it:


I consider my mind like a jukebox, and believe that every song popping into my mind at any given moment shows great insight into how I’m feeling at the time and what my subconscious is trying to work through.

There is an innocence to this song that has me reminiscing. How nice it would be to be lead to dance in plain nighttime. I haven’t been in a serious relationship for some time now, and that’s ok with me. I’ve had to deal with life-threatening illnesses, both physical and mental and it hasn’t been a priority for me. There’s still something though, about a throwback-feel-good-pop-romance-love-song that hits me right in the feels tonight. Maybe my subconscious is longing for romantic companionship as this song’s modest request implies.

I’ve had one big love, and I came to terms that after it I may never love the same again. I’m pretty comfortable flying solo and have ambition enough to fulfill myself in a life on my own. Of course, a puppy would be nice!


For now it’s just me, and I do believe in great loves. If that never happens for me again I’ll be satisfied knowing that I lived it, and have the memories as proof. And tonight I can live vicariously through a pop-melody until I can smother a puppers with endless love and affection.



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