Old Friends, New Memories

Friday night I went to the Demi Lovato/Nick Jonas concert in Montreal with an old friend from high school who I haven’t seen in four years. We last caught up the summer of 2012 when I was fresh out of my chemo treatments and before that it had been another 4 years since we spoke. She lives in Australia now and is engaged with a beautiful baby boy, but her being so far away means that our visits are few and far between.

We’re at such different places in our lives; she has started a family and I’m just getting back on my feet after a very real loss of touch with reality two years ago. Nevertheless, last night we were just two girls on the town like we were in high school, throwing it back to the good old days.


The truth is I flocked to Demi after she went to rehab and having a history of mental health disorders myself found her very relatable, and very few of the pop-princesses who are victim to the party scene get out of it healthy. She’s come a long way and I admire how strong she has stayed throughout all of it.

Mental wellness is a struggle, and it’s one I confront every day. There is a message Demi and her followers know very well, and that is to ‘stay strong’. I know I have to stay strong. I know things will get better, and I know these things take time. I can appreciate now the friends who stayed friends throughout the trials. This sure was one of them. Not even time or distance could keep us from enjoying each others’ company and I am so grateful to have her in my corner.

Keep your friends close.




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