Send My Love

Yesterday I posted this cover of a song by Adele sung by Sofia Karlberg on my Facebook because I thought it was such a beautiful rendition. Few people can do Adele justice but this less-upbeat version of the song really captures the melancholy which the song’s message compliments.

Adele gets a lot of things right, about the first loves, the big loves, the lost loves, and last night when I heard this song for the first time it struck something in me, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a total of 59 (and counting) times in 24 hours.

When I first heard Cher sing “do you believe in life after love”, I thought for years she was saying “do you believe in love after love”, and to me this is a much more legitimate question. Can we love after love? Can we love after innocence lost? I don’t know if all loves are the same, and maybe it’s because we grow up, or love evolves, and we start expecting different things from different people, but for now I’m looking forward to letting go and letting love. It’s hard to let go of what we think “should” or “could” have been but it feels good to let go… so good to let go.




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